The Real-Life Captain Morgan Was More Interesting Than His Rum

The Real-Life Captain Morgan Was More Interesting Than His Rum

When you hear the name "Captain Morgan," images of bros posing with a handle of spiced rum with one foot danging precariously in the air probably come to mind. While there were plenty of pirates whose reputations were built on boozin' it up with bar wenches à la modern rum-guzzling frat bros, the real Captain Morgan is not one of them.

Interestingly, the history of Captain Morgan Rum Company, one of the most popular brands of spiced and dark rum, can be traced back to the real-life Captain Henry Morgan. Legend has it that Morgan arrived in Jamaica in the late 17th century and quickly became a close friend of King Charles II. In return for Sir Henry Morgan's loyalty and bravery in battle, the King gave him a land grant on the island.

It was during his time in Jamaica that Morgan is said to have created his famous spiced rum recipe, using local ingredients like sugar cane and spices. The rum was so popular among his crew that it became known as "Captain Morgan's Rum," and the name stuck even after Morgan's death in 1688.

Fast forward a few centuries to 1944, when the Seagram Company acquired the rights to produce Captain Morgan's Rum. The brand's iconic logo, featuring the Captain's pose with one foot on a barrel of rum, was also created around this time. Today, Captain Morgan Rum Company is a well-known name in the spirits industry, with a range of products that includes spiced rum, dark rum, and even pre-mixed cocktails. But the legacy of the real Captain Henry Morgan lives on, both in the brand's name and in the history of piracy in the Caribbean.

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